- Engineered to minimize impact. -

100% European production

We keep our supply chain as close as possible to reduce CO2 emissions related to transport while producing a socially responsable and affordable bag.

>90% reduction in water consumption

If we compare our tote bag to a conventional cotton bag, which uses about 2000L of water, we reduce the consumption by 98%. In the case of organically grown cotton the reduction reaches 92%.

100% wood fibre from sustainable sources

The prime material for our bags is timber generated by thinning or damaged wood left over from other operations. This beech wood comes purely from PEFC/FSC certified sources.

Closed loop production

The wood fibre is produced in a closed loop process. Over 99% of the solvent used is recovered and recycled and the water consomption is reduced drastically.

Sewing thread + internal tag made from the same sustainable material

Even sustainable bags use plastic thread and tags, which are cheaper and widely available. We commit to only using TENCEL thread and tags to make our TreeTote 100% wood fibre.

100% recyclable
100% compostable

After using the tote bag as many times as possible, we recommend recycling it with textiles as this is the highest value disposal. The TreeTote is also 100% compostable.

Carbon footprint improved by >50%

If we compare the TreeTote to a conventional cotton bag, the carbon footprint is improved by 70%. In the case of organically grown cotton the improvement is 50%.

Traceable from tree to tote with Product DNA

We're confident that we are doing our best for our planet but how can our clients be sure? A QR code is placed on every TreeTote allowing you to consult the entire verified supply chain.


Why replace cotton?

(including organic)

Natural doesn't always equal sustainable.

Our wood based material has been engineered to have the lowest possible environmental impact, optimising every step of the way.

0 L
of water saved


= 6 bath tubs

Are you aware of the real impact of cotton?

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